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primaria escuela privada monterrey

Admissions: Elementary and High school

Required Documentation

As part of our admission process, several documents are required. An admissions committee considers each application to ensure we can serve your family.

Enterhere to know the general documentation requested of all our students.

Learn in this section thespecific documents according to the Primary and Secondary level:


Copy of grades for the degree you are currently studying and for 2 previous years issued by
school and SEP


Passing grades in all subjects and conduct at least 80.


Revalidation of studies abroad (only students from 7th to 9th - if applicable)


Copy of standardized test results (if applicable).


Applicants for secondary grades 7 to 9 who have completed studies
: Copy of revalidation of primary certificate, and copy of
qualifications by the Ministry of Education (if applicable).

Your children can join Santa Fe Institute at any time during the school year, subject to space availability. We will be very happy to welcome you.

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