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Santa Fe

Santa Fe Institute is a school that aims to provide quality education for all our students, with advanced and appropriate techniques to enhance the construction of knowledge and the development of their children, offering a study environment where academic excellence and universal values are promoted. 

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Principal's Message

It is a pleasure to be able to address the Santa Fe Institute community as well as our
future students and parents.At Santa Fe Institute we are committed to the development and comprehensive training of our students.Our academic model involves a series of tools where the student explores their full potential to be prepared for a world of challenges. Our staff is highly trained to promote collaborative learning, physical mathematical thinking, maintaining a 100% bilingual environment as well as a third language from 6th grade onwards, which allows us to be better prepared in an increasingly more globalized, which invites us to develop in multicultural environments.

On the other hand, it is our priority to create sustainable awareness, as well as the
implementation of technological tools to complement their learning. At the same time, at Santa Fe Institute we develop programs focused on very
punctual physical and socio-emotional health.

We have a solid program in the formation of values, sports and art since for Santa Fe Institute it is essential to create empathetic, resilient and healthy citizens towards their environment, we focus on training people committed to joining a changing and constantly evolving world.

We work very closely with families, and believe they are an essential part of our students' success. We are committed to maintaining communication between home and classroom, and together, we have created an educational community where students, parents and staff are proud to be part of the Santa Fe Institute.


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We are a bicultural education institution that promotes the formation of values under a comprehensive and innovative pedagogical proposal that allows the harmonious growth of the being, which enables the development of competencies, skills and attitudes in order to foster committed people and managers of a better future.


To be recognized as a leading institution in bicultural education thanks to high national and international quality standards, forging a commitment to society, basing our pedagogical training on a constructivist approach and developing competent students who face challenges in this globalized world.

Our values

  • Respect

  • Responsibility

  • Integrity

  • Generosity

  • Loyalty

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