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Santa Fe Institute offers a bilingual program with a  teaching methodology based on the highest international standards, providing full development of the human being, based on warmth, personalized attention, moral values and family treatment towards all students, parents and teachers, as well as pursuit of excellence in education and continuous improvement of all members of the Santa Fe Family.

The Institute has small groups that facilitate attention for each of the students, who develop activities in a 100% Bilingual environment, through social, cultural and artistic activities as part of the educational project.

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High School

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Secondary school students acquired the academic, social and scientific knowledge and skills that allow them to have the necessary knowledge to understand their environment, strengthen their values, adapt to different learning methods, work as a team,  and develop the skills that the current era demands.

Our students will be able to:

  • Express yourself  in your native language and  English with fluency and qualityorder at their level, and have basic tools to communicate in French.

  • Develop mathematical skills that allow them to handle information, analyze it, propose alternative solutions and apply said knowledge in their daily life.

  • Interact with others in harmony, respect and in adherence to their values and moral principles in any environment they operate in.

  • Achieve an academic level that allows you to access the upper secondary level.

Elementary School

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In this stage, the mastery of reading and writing in their native language and the basic operations that prepare them to acquire more complex knowledge and allow them to seek practical solutions to approaches that can be applied in daily life are specified. 

Our students at this age will be able to:

  • Express yourself in your native language as well as in English clearly and fluently  according to their grade.

  • Interpret the situations that arise, analyze the information in your environment, propose solutions and work as a team.

  • Know the values that allow them to act with empathy, responsibility and respect towards others.

  • Respect nature and encourage activities to ensure an ecologically responsible environment.


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At this stage, skills are developed that allow our students, through recreational activities and the use of teaching materials, in the first instance to master their native language and progressively to the graphic representation of their ideas, developing  interest in writing and reading.


Likewise,  Mathematical thinking is developed with attractive materials  that invite you to learn about the use of numbers in your environment and step by step pose situations and solve problems according to your level.


In the social aspect, you learn to interact harmoniously with others, identify different emotions and how to express them appropriately, achieving self-regulation and autonomy in an environment that makes you feel safe and in which universal values are strengthened.

Day Care

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Our nursery students learn to love learning through practical and individualized classes. With active learning experiences they grow, develop their character and increase their curiosity – all in a stimulating and supportive environment. Our nursery program is developed so that children obtain learning based on experiences and with this introduce education in a significant way in the child neurodevelopment of our students, stimulating the following areas:

  • Cognitive development.

  • socio-affective development

  • Language development

  • Motor development

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