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Our community is built on the belief that every student deserves not only an exceptional education, but also the support necessary to reach their full potential, backed by a team of dedicated faculty and an administration committed to excellence and constant innovation.

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Academic Atmosphere.

At Santa Fe Institute we are committed to offering students a challenging environment, based on realistic goals so that students have interesting and meaningful learning.

Harmonious Environment.

At the Santa Fe Institute we seek to maintain a friendly, stable, understanding and supportive environment; both to our students and to all staff, teachers and collaborators.

Comprehensive Curriculum.

The Santa Fe Institute seeks to offer a balanced program between study, sports and arts in order to promote a COMPREHENSIVE education to our students.

Student as priority.

As a team we recognize our responsibility to prepare students for successful academic and life futures. Our organization, policies and programs are based on the philosophy that maintains that the center is the student where they are supported to meet all their needs.

Master success generators.

Success. To achieve our objectives we require a staff of teachers that has sufficient academic and attitudinal resources; For this reason, they are nurtured with constant training and development, thus, together with the administration, it is possible to inspire students to act with leadership.

Leadership with inspiration.

We know that inspired students are motivated students, for this reason teachers, together with the administration, work to achieve this goal.


To promote an evolving environment of academic excellence and personal growth, at Santa Fe Institute we seek to have the newest technology and innovative tools available to students. 

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